Charlotte, NC


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The Scoop on Hydration

Sometimes, you need a lifeline to get you through your day. Maybe you’re recovering from the flu or maybe you partied too hard the night before. That’s where Hydrate Medical steps in. We’re the Queen City’s premier (and only) concierge hydration service. Our IV hydration treatments are 100% absorbed and will leave you feeling rejuvenated in just 45 minutes.

We want to renew your energy and health. If you’ve been traveling for work or need a vacation from your vacation, our hydration treatments will revitalize you. Don’t let low energy keep you down. Life moves fast and Hydrate Medical will help you keep up. Visit our hydration center in Dilworth where you’ll experience a calming atmosphere and a friendly staff.  Don’t waste any more time. Feel Great. Hydrate.



You spent the night celebrating a promotion you earned. We’ll help you revitalize.

You’ve been traveling for work and can’t shake the jet lag. We’ll help you reenergize.

You’re training for a half marathon. We’ll help you recover.

We were born here in Charlotte with a mission to provide you with researched IV hydration treatments delivered by qualified, medical professionals. All you have to do is sit back and relax for 45 minutes and be prepared to be pampered like the boss you are.

Our IV hydration treatments will help you revitalize after a crazy night, recover from a strenuous workout, or reenergize while battling an illness. We help the Queen City keep moving forward.