• Medically Supervised Weight Loss Solutions in Charlotte

    So many weight loss programs give you one step to lose weight, “you’re eating too much.” Duh. We built a program that actually helps you lose weight. At Hydrate Medical we realized that people who have struggled to lose weight have needed more than one step. So we developed a program that keeps you three […]

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  • How Hydration Can Help Relieve Stress

    Your inbox has 359 unread messages, your boss just cut a deadline in half forcing you to work yet another weekend, and on top of all of that, you’re planning your dream wedding. You’re about to lose it. “More than a third of American workers experience chronic stress,” says Jonathan A. Leake, M.D, co-owner and […]

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  • You Never Forget Your First Drip! $69 Drips for First-Timers

    Have you wanted to try personal IV hydration to help your body feel revitalized, reenergized and recovered? Here’s your chance as a first-timer to get your first drip for only $69!

    Drained? Dragging? Dehydrated? Whether you’re training for a marathon or you just partied a little too hard the night before… sometimes caffeine, water and good old-fashioned sleep just aren’t enough. So, put down that coffee or energy drink and listen to why your next stop needs to be at Hydrate Medical, Greater Charlotte’s premiere personal […]

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  • Earn VIP Status at Charlotte’s First IV Hydration Clinic

    You can’t deny how nice the perks are that come with being a VIP. Whether you’re flying first class or you’re staying in the penthouse suite, it feels pretty dang good to be on the receiving end of five-star service. A person who enjoys customized experiences and attention-to-detail craves VIP status and the privileges that […]

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  • HydrateAthletics™ – Enhancing Your Athletic Recovery

    For you, staying in peak physical shape is a lifestyle not a phase. You get up before the sun rises and you push yourself to become stronger and leaner with every workout. You nourish your body with food that acts as fuel to help you power through your day. You take the stairs at work […]

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  • Unique Corporate Gift Giving in Charlotte

    IV Hydration: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

    The holidays are upon us and it’s a perfect excuse to jam out to your Holiday Playlist on Pandora at work. Your co-worker, Amy, who sits a few cubes down, has broken out her Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer. Sam, in sales, wears a Santa hat while he paces back and forth on the phone with […]

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  • Less Is More This Holiday Season

    IV Hydration to the Rescue This Holiday Season

    The holidays are great but let’s be real…sometimes you need a break from too much food, too much traveling, too much sports, too much shopping and too much germ-sharing. Too much of a good thing, is, well, bad. This year, reclaim your sanity with IV hydration. Our variety of drips are your antidote for whatever […]

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  • You’re Saving Me $30 on a Drip? Rocktober Rules!  Rocktober Hydration Special Saves You $30!

    Let’s be real. October is the best month of the year for many reasons. It starts to actually feel like fall in October and the weather is beautiful. Football season is in full swing and tailgating is a weekly occurrence. Plus, October ends with Halloween. Clearly, there are many things to be celebrated in October. […]

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  • The Lowdown on IV Hydration

    Your head is pounding when you wake up. You can hardly open your eyes because the daylight is too intense. Yep, you’re plagued with a migraine. You desperately rack your brain for a healthy, convenient and fast acting solution to alleviate your symptoms. It’s 2016. Shouldn’t there be a better way to beat a migraine? […]

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  • Heat puts football players at risk for overheating, dehydration

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    CHARLOTTE, N.C. — High school football players you’ll see in our Friday Night Frenzy won’t have those nice cool and breezy fall conditions we typically see at games. Instead, it’ll feel like they’re playing in the middle of summer. Dr. Jonathan Leake at the new hydration clinic in Dilworth says they could be at risk […]

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