Our Location


Soothing colors and a quiet space are key to feeling relaxed. Your IV hydration therapy is the perfect time to unwind. Sit back, clear your mind, and enjoy the most calming 45 minutes of your day.


Each hydration room in our office is furnished with comfortable chairs and couches. You will feel right at home while you’re receiving your IV hydration treatment. Comfort and hydration go hand in hand.

During Your Treatment

Are you curious about what you can do during your IV hydration therapy? Well, you can do anything that helps you relax! We have magazines you can read or you can watch your favorite TV show. If you have a tablet, bring it with you so you can read a few chapters of your book or play your favorite game. We offer complimentary snacks and beverages for you to enjoy as well. Or, you can sit back and meditate for 45 minutes. Experience IV hydration for yourself. Book now!