It's Spring.


Spring has Sprung.

Pack away that parka. Stow those scarves. Hide those hats! The glory days of spring across the Carolinas is here and it’s one of the best seasons of the year.

Finally the days are longer so we can get outside and do more. We’re running and exercising outdoors longer. We’re working in the yard, hiking, camping and exploring. We’re riding bikes, playing tennis, improving golf games and generally feeling like rock stars again.

Here’s where we fit in to your springtime schedule. Our personal hydration drips are customized to fit the specific need for your physical, wellness or desired lifestyle. If you’re an athlete, we can help you stay at peak performance. If you’re not feeling quite at 100%, we can help you get back to greatness. Or if you’re just curious about including personal hydration in your overall mental and physical lifestyle program, we can hook you up for that, too.

Seasonal Hydration Options
Good on Tuesdays & Thursdays Only!

All drips regularly priced $159 – $179

  • Make Me Bloom! $139

    This drip gives you energy to drive you for the weekend or hangover recovery after the weekend.

  • I Can't Spring Back $139

    When you’re feeling less than a spring chicken, our wellness drip can give you a boost of vitamins and minerals to help you feel better and give you a positive spin for a beautiful day.

  • Awake & Anew $139

    Refresh and revitalize with our drip to get you the boost you need.

    $20 – Have a drip and add the shot
    $25 – No drip, just give me the shot
    SAVE – $20 off a 5 pack, $40 off a 10 pack